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       WIRES AND AMSANSW inc. have come to an agreement for the supply of all nesting boxes to be made by the NSW Men's Sheds. During the past months, an agreement was made between the two organizations to combine their resources, talents, and equipment in providing the nesting boxes needed for the recovery of so many animals and birds. The fires that ruined so much natural habit has left a huge gap for so many species. WIRES has placed the first order for boxes and 6 sheds are engaged in the construction of these boxes.


       WIRES  due to the way they operate and also that they rely heavily on volunteer workers to do the on-site work are unable to provide the public with nesting boxes.  Wires have now granted  AMSANSW inc. permission to deal directly with the public using the official drawings. There shall be 7 standard nesting boxes for both possums and birds.(other boxes available on requests)  These can be purchased as either a flatpack or a complete box. The flatpacks are unpainted, the completed boxes are painted to the standard WIRES color. Prices and delivery details are available on request.


      The public wishing to know how to purchase a nesting box can contact Ray Crawley at his email address.  

       Ray is a member of the AMSANSW inc executive committee, a zone coordinator, and is the Environmental and Community  Projects Officer. He will then direct you to the nearest men's shed who is making the boxes and can help you.